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Absystem NR 12 brings together the most diverse registration functions for machines and equipment, making it easy to update machine inventory as needed, as well as advanced features through search filters, and graphs and indicators, making it easy to management of the implementation and maintenance of Regulatory Standard NR 12.

Through photographic recording and storage of photos, it is possible to highlight all security systems existing in each machine or equipment, as well as nonconformities and major deviations found during inspection.

Through an analysis and classification using the Hazard Rating Number (HRN) methodology, the system calculates the risk levels for each machine or equipment, thus allowing the setting of priorities for suitability according to the criticality of each machine.

With absystem NR 12, it is possible to generate a report with the safety information for each registered machine.

By registering a machine you can define deadlines, responsible and delegate activities for each involved in the implementation steps of Regulatory Standard NR 12, and allow the release of cost estimates for each phase of deployment.

Through the control panel it is possible to attach the main files and safety information of each machine or equipment (risk assessment, ART, manuals, diagrams, procedures etc.).

Absystem NR 12 works through web servers, cloud computing technology, SSL encryption and daily backup of the entire structure, allowing a QR code reader installed on your smartphone to be accessed with just a few taps, all information and files relating to the security of your machines.

With absystem NR 12, management of the NR 12 Regulatory Standard is made easier, avoiding wasted time and money, and quickly locating all the information you need.

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